Admin » Themes

Let’s pick a Theme for your store.

To pick a theme:

  1. Go to your shop admin dashboard.
  2. Select Themes from the left sidebar to open the themes tab.

Choosing your Theme

First you will see the list of available themes. Currently there are two themes, each with different color variations. The Shuup Definite theme is default.

Click the Configure button to choose color options and adjust settings.

You can also activate another theme and view the growing Theme guide.

Pick a color scheme

Pick the one that best suits your branding and the feeling you want your site to have. Click the Select theme button to activate the theme.

Configure your theme settings

Here you will change settings to your Theme Configuration.

Your current theme is shown in the stylesheets dropdown.

You can allow people to add items to their cart directly from carousels advertising products by selecting or deselecting Allow Buying from Carousels. Otherwise, clicking a carousel will link to the product details page.

You can allow customers who register to link their accounts to a company by selecting or deselecting Allow Linking to Company Accounts. This is useful for Business-to-business (B2B) operations.

New products in your store can have a “New” badge. This option lets you set for how many days to consider a product new, after which the “New” badge will disappear. Enter a numerical value for the Consider product new for days.

Here you can choose how your product will look in product and category lists. You can choose to Show Product Details in lists by selecting or deselecting the option.

You can also choose to Show sales units in product boxes by selecting or deselecting the option.

You can choose whether or not to Render categories on category pages by selecting or deselecting the option. This keeps the categories filter options in the sidebar on all category pages.

This lets you adjust the shopping cart icon and dropdown to be larger in size and on the left or right of the search bar. Select or deselect the options for Show Bigger Cart and Show cart on the right side of search.

You can choose whether or not to show product prices. This is useful for selling products that require contact from the customer. Select or deselect Hide prices.

Your shop can also be set in catalog mode. This is for when you only use the POS and don’t have online ordering. The landing page is skipped and you are sent straight to products and ordering is disabled. Select or deselect Set shop in catalog mode.

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