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Shipping Methods and Delivery Service Area

Let’s setup your Shipping methods and Delivery service area. 

To add a Shipping method or Delivery Service Area:

  1. Go to your shop admin dashboard.
  2. Select Shop Details from the left sidebar to open the Shop Details tab.

Then, scroll halfway down the page to the Shipping methods section.

Add your first Shipping method

First you will see your list of Shipping methods. Click the Add new shipping method button to add a new Shipping method.

You can also edit an existing Shipping method by clicking its Edit button.

Name your Shipping Method

Enter The Name for your Shipping method in the Name field. This will be shown to Customers when they select a Shipping method at checkout.

Edit the Price of the Shipping Method

Enter the Price of the Shipping method in the Price field. This is how much a Customer will be charged for shipping.

Edit the Waiving Cost

The Waiving Cost lets you provide shipping free on orders that exceed a certain amount. For example: you can offer Free Shipping On Orders Over $50 to entice customers to purchase more.

Enter the total basket amount to make shipping free in the Waiving cost field.

Limit the Shipping Method to a Geographical Area

You can limit the Shipping method to a specific Geographic area. This is great for creating things like free local deliveries.

You can set to limit the Shipping method to a Geographic Service Area by selecting or deselecting the Limited by Service Area toggle button.

You can set your Service Area following the instructions lower on this page.

Select How to Tax your Shipping Method

Set how the Shipping method Price will be taxed for the Customer by selecting one of your Tax Classes from the Tax Class dropdown.

Publish your Shipping method by clicking the Save button.

Add a Delivery Service Area

Delivery companies should setup a Delivery Service Area to make sure they only receive orders they can deliver to.

The Delivery Service Area is also the area you limit Shipping methods to with the Limited to Service Area option.

Click the Delivery Service Area Edit button to add your service area.

Drawing your Delivery Area on the Map

These are your main buttons. The hand button lets you grab and move the map to the correct position. The shape button is your drawing tool.

You can zoom the map in and out using the zoom buttons.

For more working area, you can click the full screen button to expand the map to full screen. Click Esc on your keyboard to exit full screen mode.

Once you have zoomed the map and dragged it to show your entire service area, click the shape button to begin drawing your area.

Draw your first Delivery Service Area border by clicking on the map. Extend the line segment to the next point on the map and click again to create your first line.

Continue drawing your Delivery Service Area border by extending line segments and clicking on the map to place them.

Complete your Delivery Service Area by extending the final line segment to your first line segment and click to complete your area. It will turn red to show that the area is complete.

Publish your Delivery Service Area by clicking the Save button.

You can also cancel drawing the area by clicking the Cancel button.

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