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Now, let’s add your first Product.

To add a product:

  1. Go to your shop admin dashboard.
  2. Select Products from the left sidebar to open the products tab.

Adding your First Product

First you will see your list of products. Click the New Product button to add your first product.

You can also click an existing product to edit its details. There are options to sort, filter, and search so you can find the product you are looking for.

Edit the Name and SKU

Here you can edit how your product appears in your store.

First enter a Name for your product to be shown in your store.

The SKU number is used for internal tracking of products and can be the barcode number for the product.

Pick a Category

Here you will choose the category for your product. From the dropdown select the Primary Category for your product. This is the deepest sub-category for your product.

You can also select Secondary categories or parent categories for your product.

For example, if your product is a Dog Toy under Dog Supplies, your Primary category would be Dog Toy, and your Secondary category would be Dog Supplies.

Enter the Price, Sales unit, and Weight

Next you will Enter price, sales unit, and weight for the product.

Sales unit can be per piece (unit qty.) or per weight type. If you select weight, you must enter the products Weight.

Create Variations of Your Product.

This is for products that have different versions like different sizes or colors of T-shirts. You can set the Variation name, Price, SKU, Weight, and Sales unit for each individual variation.

You can then click the +Save variations as preset button to save the preset to use later.

Add the Brand or Manufacturer

You can add a Brand or manufacturer for your product. This let’s customers filter products by brand.

From the dropdown you can select an existing Brand or begin typing to create a new one.

Add Product Images

Then add some high quality Images for your product. You can drag images into the images square, starting with your primary image first.

You can remove and delete images as you see fit.

You can save and preview your new product by clicking the Continue button.

Confirm your Product Information is correct and click the Add Product button to publish your product.

You can click the back button to edit the product details before publishing.

Discount the Product to Make it On Sale

From your newly created Product’s details tab, click the Discounted prices Edit button.

Enter your sales price in the Discounted Price field.

You can click the Eraser button to clear the Discount Price.

Click the Update button to publish your Discounted Price.

Import a Lot of Products

If you have a large number of products, you can also import them using our Data Import tool. Here are instructions to import products and contacts.

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