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Let’s create a new Money Transaction.

To view and handle your Money Transactions:

  1. Go to your shop admin dashboard.
  2. Select Money from the left sidebar to open the Money Locations tab.

This is your list of Money Locations. It shows you the total amount of money in the system and where in the store or system it is located.

There are options to sort and search so you can find the Money Location you are looking for.

You can see all the Transactions for a particular location by clicking the location.

Click the Money Location for which you would like to create a Transaction.

Handle Transactions

This is your list of all Transactions for the Money Location.

There are options to sort and search so you can find the transaction you are looking for.

Click the New Money Transaction button to create a new transaction for any Money Location.

Create a New Money Transaction

You can create a new Money Transaction for any time money is moved or used in your store. Order payments are usually automatically added to this list of Transactions.

You must select a Reason and enter an Amount and choose at least an Origin or Destination.

Pick a Reason for the Transaction

Select the Reason for your Transaction from the Reason dropdown.

Select the Origin of the Money for the Transaction

Select where the money will be taken out of from the Origin dropdown.

Select the Destination for the Money of the Transaction

Select where the money will be put in the Destination dropdown.

Enter the Amount of the Transaction

Enter the dollar Amount of the transaction in the Amount field.

Complete your Money Transaction by clicking the Save button.

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