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To save time and effort, you can import a large number of Products or existing Customers using our Data Importer. You can use the importer to update existing Products or Customers also.

We offer several example product sample files that you can download and fill with your own information. These files are in .xls, .xlsx, and .csv formats. Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets can be used to modify the sample files.

The modified file is then imported back into the system.

Let’s import a few Products with the Data Importer.

To import Products or Customers:

  1. Go to your shop admin dashboard.
  2. Select Import Data from the left sidebar to open the Data Import tab.

Data Importer

This is the Data Importer and its options. There are links to the Example files that will use to list your Products or Customers for import.

Choose the Import Language

If you have multiple languages for your store, you can import Products or Customers separately as different languages. Select your language from the Language dropdown.

Select Which Shop to Import Into

If you are running multiple shops, you can import Products and Customers into each Shop separately. Select the shop you would like to import into from the Shop dropdown.

Choose to Import Products or Customers

The Importer dropdown has the different types of Importers available.

Product Importer imports Products.

Contact Importer imports Customers.

Company Contact Importer imports Customers associated with Companies. This is useful for B2B and Service operations.

Select the Importer you want to use from the Importer dropdown.

Download and Edit an Example File

Download the appropriate Example file by clicking its link. The product_sample_complex_import is a good start and has every field available.

Open the downloaded Example file so that you can edit it. The Example file has column headers that tell you what to put for each Product or Customer in each cell.

Delete all the Example file data except for the first row of column headers.

Enter your own Product or Customer data into the Example file.You can delete unused columns.

Any Products, Customers, Categories, or Manufacturers that you enter in cells will be created in the system automatically.

On the next screen, you can decide if you would like to only Create new Products or Customers, or to also Update existing Products or Customers.

Save the edited Example file to your computer with any name.

Select which File to Import

Click the Choose File button to open your computer’s file picking system. Select and open the edited Example file that you saved to your computer.

Click the Continue button. You will have a chance to review your imported data before the actual import begins.

Process the Data Import

Choose to Create or Update Products or Customers

This is a Summary of the Data you will be importing.

You can choose whether to Create new Products or Customers and to Update existing Products and Customers.

Allow create and update means it will create new Products or Customers and Update existing Products or Customers.

Only create (no updates) will not Update existing Products or Customers.

Only update existing (no new ones are created) will not Create new Products or Customers.

Select the appropriate choice from the Import method dropdown.

Review your Data and Begin Import

The Automatically mapped section shows you a selection of your mapped data that will be imported.

Review your data to make sure the import will be done correctly. For example: check to see if your product or customer names are in the name section.

If something looks wrong, return to your edited Example file to fix the problem. Then save the file and re-import it from the previous screen.

Once you are satisfied that everything looks correct, click the Start Import button.

Your Import is Complete

From the Import Complete! screen you can see all your imported Products or Customers. You can click one of the individual links to see your newly created Product or Customer.

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