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Let’s start with adding the first product Category to your online store. This allows you and your customers to sort and browse products easily.

To add a category:

  1. Go to your shop admin dashboard.
  2. Select Categories from the left sidebar to open the categories tab.

Adding your First Category

First you will see your list of categories. Click the +New Category button to add your own category.

You can also click an existing category to edit its details. There are options to sort, filter, and search so you can find the category you are looking for.

Edit the Category General Information

Here you can edit how your category will look in your store. First enter a Name for your category to be shown in your store. It should describe your product category in a word or 2.

A URL Slug will be automatically created from your category name. This is what your category page URL will be. You can edit it as you wish.

Then use the Description box to describe your category. You can use the text formatting tools and add images inside your description.

Remember to click Save to publish your changes.

Edit the visibility of your Category in your store

Here you can edit if your category will show in your store and menus. You can set the category as Visible or Invisible in your store. This lets you hide categories, but keep them for later.

Next select whether the category shows in your main menu by selecting or deselecting Visible in menu.

You can add an Image header to your category page by dragging an image into the image box. Rectangle images at least 600px wide work best.

Ordering lets you set the order in which the category will show in your menu. You can enter any numerical value starting with zero.

You can also make the new category a sub-category of another category by selecting its Parent category. This new sub-category will be shown in a dropdown under the parent category in your menu.

Remember to click Save to publish your changes.

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