Cannabis Retail Laws and Regulations by Province or Territory

These are currently the only provinces or territories that allow for privately owned cannabis retail establishments. We will update these pages as soon as we know more.

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British Columbia

British Columbia Cannabis Retailer Compliance


Newfoundland and Labrador


Saskatchewan Cannabis Retailer Compliance


Canadian Cannabis Retailer Compliance

At Entcart, we work alongside some of the biggest cannabis retailers in Canada to ensure they automate their compliance. We understand store owners needs and optimize our software for easy workflows and compliance reporting. Enterprise and multi-location operations need to be in full control of compliance, records, and tracking at all times. By customizing huge, scaling retail solutions, we have learned what it takes to be successful, and added those features to Entcart.

Compliance Reporting and Tracking

TheĀ Cannabis Act came into force on October 17, 2018, and provincial and territorial regulations are still not set in writing. As new laws are enacted and regulations are updated, you cannabis retail Point of Sale needs to keep up.

Provinces and territories are responsible for determining how cannabis is distributed and sold within their jurisdictions. They set rules around how stores must be operated. Provinces and territories also have the flexibility to set added restrictions, including lowering possession limits and increasing the minimum age.

We at Entcart monitor these ever changing rules and regulations to ensure you don’t have to worry about compliance. Focus on selling cannabis and let Entcart take care of compliance.