Upgrade Your Dispensary to Business Class.

Helping high volume retailers boost sales and stay compliant.

Easy to use minimal training for budtenders. Our budtenders also love that the check-in system lets them know if ID is expired or banned.

Axel, Speedy Kush

Made the online ordering and delivering orders really simple.

Chris, LoLo

Entcart Dispensary Solution is so simple to start that you don’t have to worry about spending hours to train your budtenders.

Track all your sales through comprehensive reporting.

Whether you have a dispensary in USA or Canada, Entcart Dispensary Solution offers a full compliance support.

The industry-leading inventory management built directly into Entcart Dispensary Solution lets you track the shake and loss like no other inventory management software before.

Entcart Dispensary Solution automatically syncs everything between sales floor, stock room, and even vendors and purchase orders so the data is already working for you.

Handle employees, manage their timetable and measure their performance.

Employees permissions’ can be restricted from seeing data you don’t want them to see.

Analyze employee performance, maximize sales output, and more.

Find where you are losing product, money, or time. Optimize everything.

Entcart determines if your customer is in the system, then checks their status and purchase history for you.

Feel safe knowing our HIPAA compliant system securely stores your customer records.

Follow your customers’ every move, how long they shop and what they like to buy to better serve them. Use the collected data to engage them in and out of your store.

Entcart Dispensary Solution is built around an industry leading, open source, e-commerce platform which allows you to sell and deliver online like a pro. If you ever plan to sell online, look no further as Entcart Dispensary Solution offers the best online sales platform for the cannabis industry.

Customers go back to the shop that hooks them up. Get them coming back with rewards, loyalty, and freebies.

Know the ups and downs of every aspect of your business, from holiday sales, to mystery lulls.

Start Optimizing Your Dispensary

30 day money back guarantee. Pricing is for a single location. Connect more any time.

  • Web/Mobile Storefront with Online Product Catalog

  • In-Store Cashier (POS) and Hardware Options*

  • Web/Mobile Delivery Orders and Driver Management

  • Regional Compliance Tools

  • Promos, Happy Hours, and Online Marketing

Luxury Dispensary Solution

$379/month /location *

Entcart Dispensary Solution

Entcart Dispensary Solution is everything you need for your dispensary; sell your products, check in patients, handle inventory, and more. A true dispensary operations platform specifically built for selling MMJ products and managing your dispensary.

Online Storefront


Point of Sale

  • Industry specialized inventories
  • Legal compliance

  • Brick and Mortar, Online Storefront, and Delivery combined

Entcart stays ahead of changing regulations and builds them as features right in. Stay compliant and legal with State compliance tools, METRC seed to sale integrations, and tax reports ready for your CPA.

Online Store and Menu

Everything you need to efficiently manage online sales of MMJ products. Take orders online, upsell through add-ons (Free Pre-Rolls), rewards and loyalty, and tons of 3rd party plugins, all specialized for the dispensary industry.

Delivery and Driver Management

Everything you need to send out a fleet of drivers and stay compliant in the process.

Delivery and Driver Management

Everything you need to send out a fleet of drivers and stay compliant in the process.

In-Store Cashier (POS)

Manage your entire dispensary operations from a single product. From single mom-and-pop stores to multiple storefronts; Entcart Dispensary Solution is powerful enough to handle complex product catalogues and inventories, multiple departments, and your entire team. Maximize your investments, pinch every penny, and convert you patients into loyal customers all from one application.

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  • 2. We install your store to fit your business

  • 3. Add products and start selling